Allegro Bello

We were asked by the client to create a new brand of Italian coffee.
Being tea-drinkers at the time, we dived into the world of coffee and discovered a magical place of unlimited, creative opportunities.
We received the brand name Allegro Bello from the client, but otherwise had a free creative hand – and we were more than happy to use it (:

Branding a Series of Products

We knew the brand had to include a series of coffee blends.
Our goal was to create a unique personality for each coffee blend, as we had discovered how much the coffee world is based on human emotions.


In this project we were asked to create a new South American coffee brand.
We chose the name Sabor (meaning flavor in Spanish), mainly because it was easy to pronounce in any language and has an exotic sound. We also discovered that it’s almost impossible not to try and say it in a Spanish accent (:

DR Cafe

DR Cafe is an Israeli company that provides coffee solutions to small and medium size businesses around the country.
They offer world brand coffee machines, coffee blends and all coffee accessories available in the world.