The Rebranding Challenge

IOTT specializes in the establishment of operational intelligence units and the implementation of cutting-edge technological systems in the defense & HLS sectors. IOTTs’ dynamic market and the constant technological innovations of their products and services have led the company to understand they have to change from a young promising brand to a responsible leader brand.

All this, without giving up on values such as: Innovation, Vibrancy and Sophistication.

Microsoft PPT Design

Creating a PPT demands close collaboration with the client in order to create a tool that is both useful and user-friendly. In this project we were asked to design IOTTs’ company PPT in a way that the content in each slide will be carefully designed while keeping a strong and organised grid so that the client could add content later, as needed.
Together with IOTTs’ marketing people, we configured the flow of the PPT and designed it based on the new graphic language we created for the new brand.