Amdocs / PEC Group Branding

The Proposal Expertise Center group is a one-stop shop for all proposal and business writing assistance inside Amdocs. They are a global group of professional business writers who are ready to assist with all business correspondence.

Our Challenge

We were asked to create a fresh, intelligent, up to date and welcoming brand for the group.
A unified and recognizable identity that will make it’s members proud to be a part of.

The Logo

Based on the Amdocs symbol X we wanted to create a fresh icon that communicates both the brand as a center in the organization as well as its reaching out to all employees in the company.

Microsoft Excel Template Design

We design the header, footer and the typography for the Excel template file.

OFT (Outlook File Template) Design

The OFT format enables the client to easily control the content of the document within the branded graphic language of the campaign.