NICE / Corporate Campaign Branding

The NICE mission was to deliver an employee engagement campaign driving awareness for internal work culture and behavior throughout all levels of the organization.
The campaign’s message was:
Every Interaction Positively Impacts Employee Experience and Customer Satisfaction.

Our Challenge

There were 2 basic facts placed in front of us for this project:
It was meant to be a short term campaign, and it was all about the company communicating to its employees.
We needed to find a creative, memorable brand concept in order for the campaign to stand out, and also give it a fun, light tone to achieve maximum impact in communicating the main message.

Campaign Logo
and Brand Concept

Online Campaign

The entire campaign took place online, requiring us to design and build branded products for email messages, the company’s website and more.

Banners for the
Company’s Website

1st Stage OFT (Outlook File Template) Designs

2nd Stage OFT (Outlook File Template) Designs