Project Description

The Branding Challenge

Rivulis is a micro-irrigation solutions innovator, offering the global agriculture sector the broadest portfolio in the market and the most comprehensive range of services.

During 2018 Rivulis was presented with a new concept for rebranding their company.
Our first mission was to take over the unfinished rebranding project and create a very thorough and comprehensive brand book.
After doing so, we set out to rebrand all of Rivulis’ marketing assets in order to make sure that the new brand carries a strong unified visual language.

Microsoft PPT Design

Creating a PPT presentation demands close collaboration with the client in order to create a tool that is both useful and user-friendly. In this project we were asked to design Rivulis’ company PPT in a way that the content in each slide will be carefully designed while keeping a strong and organised grid so that the client could add content later, as needed.

The Euorodrip Sub-Brand