Splitit / Branding

Splitit offers a unique service that enables consumers to pay for their retail or web purchase using their existing credit card and to divide the total cost into as many interest-free payments as they choose.

Our Challenge

Splitit was a rapidly evolving startup.
No one knew how far it would go or where it would lead.
Our main challenge was to create a strong, unified visual identity that would make its mark from day one.
We decided to use the S in the logo as a creative motif in the designed language, in order to emphasize the brand’s logo and communicate more effectively with the target audience.
Our next decision was
to choose a unique color palette that would help the brand stand out in a crowded market.

Microsoft PPT Design

As part of the branding process, we were asked to design the grid for the PPT so that Splitit could add needed content at a later time.
Together with Splitit, we configured the main slides of the PPT and designed them based on the graphic language we created for the new brand.