GERZON is a boutique branding studio established in 2010.
We feel that branding is our private way of making this world a better place.
We believe that people prefer to identify with positive values and it is our
privilege to deliver those values through your brand.

We understand that our mission is to help you expand your business.
Your marketing strategy is our work brief.


Dina & Shachar Gerzon are both masters in visual communication.
Graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design more than 10 years ago, they have lead hundreds of projects in Print Design, Art Direction, Copywriting, TV Commercials and Web Design.

After years of experience in leading advertising and design agencies, they decided to dedicate their work to branding.

What we do

We are a Branding Studio.
We specialize in creating a cohesive, unified and memorable brand identity that expresses the brand strategy of our clients.
We offer Brand naming, Tagline, Logo, Visual Language and all brand products to market your brand.
This is where the brand language starts to take off.
Business Cards, Office Stationery, Brochures, Catalogs, Notebooks, Posters, Books, Stickers… all these and many more graphic products, are a big joy for us.
We love Print! We believe that printing production is an essential component in the final outcome of each and every graphic product. We consult and accompany our clients through this process to maximize the final result.
We do Websites, Apps and Landing Pages.
We characterize, design and develop Web Design products.
Web Design gives us a chance to address new aspects of visual communication.
UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are 2 crafts we learned to master through the years.
We believe Web Design is yet another aspect in which the brand can be reflected and grow stronger.
Video is the ultimate format to tell a story and deliver a message.
From big TV commercial ads to corporate and product videos, we gained vast experience in creating intelligent and memorable projects.
Being a Branding Studio, we produce video products that support and strengthen our client’s brand.
Packaging is all about combining design with creative thinking.
Here is where we take graphic design one step further to create a new experience.
Taking into consideration the environment of the product and its market competitors makes our process even more challenging and exciting.
We embrace challenges like creative concept development and creative ideas for advertising and market approach.
Years of experience in the practice of visual communication gives us the ability to help our clients solve a variety of problems in different areas of business.

How we do it

Our mission is to help you expand your business.
We act from the strong faith that we share a mutual interest in the success and growth of our clients’ brands.
We take pride in our ability to understand the needs and strategies of our clients.
We strive to build a solid, intimate and long-term relationship with each of our clients.

Proud of our Collaboration with