Amdocs / GO Division Branding

GO (Global Operations) Division is responsible for the operation and management of all internal Amdocs infrastructures.
GO Division includes three groups: Global IT, Global Procurement and Global Services.


The branding was to achieve 2 major goals:
1. To reflect the strategic direction chosen by the division’s management by creating a unified Master Brand for the GO
2. To create an identified and unique Sub Brand 
for each of the 3 groups included in the GO Division.

GO Division Logo

The new logo was to reflect the hardcore values and message of the division:
Innovation / Leadership / One GO (one unified division).

GO Division’s 3 Sub-Brand Logos

These 3 unique and stand alone logos together literally create the one GO Division symbol.

GO Division Brand Language

Fresh, unique, innovative and pro-active, expressing positivity and collaboration.

Microsoft PPT Design

As part of the branding process, we were asked to design the grid for the PPT so that the client could later add the content needed.
Together with the client, we configured the main slides of the PPT and designed them based on the graphic language we created for the new brand.