Project Description

IOTT / Identity and Branding

IOTT specializes in the establishment of operational intelligence units and the implementation of cutting-edge technological systems in the defense & HLS sectors.

Established not long before our studio, IOTT gave us the opportunity to be a part of an exciting growth process of their company along with the growth of the brand we have built together.

Our Challenge

Being a rapidly growing company, IOTT’s brand had to be suitable for on-going changes in the organizational structure, the birth of new products and departments, and to be relevant to new markets and competitors.

Ghost / Product Branding

Ghost – undetected cellphone.
In this project we were asked to design a white label brand
for the product.

Cellmulator / Product Branding

Cellmulator – smart training.
In this project we were asked to design a white label brand
for the product.

The dynamic, rich, and technologically up-to-date website reflects the core of the company’s brand.

Microsoft PPT Design

Over the years, we have designed many PPT projects with IOTT.
A strong and intimate relationship with the
client guarantees a solid and relevant design for the product.

In this project we were asked by IOTT to design the company’s general PPT presentation.
We were glad to be a part of the process from the early stages of defining the purpose and goal of the presentation through the design process and up to the technical stage of building a branded, functional and easy to use PPT file.